Our Services

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate that is used for commercial activities is called commercial real estate. We help you to acquire whole buildings, office building, warehouse, factory, etc. in right locations at bottom prices.

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Real Estate and Land Development Consulting

We provide you with analysis and suggestions for the best and most effective use of your real estate. We are well aware of the needs and demands of the buyers and renters in Kartal, Istanbul area and we are ready to put our knowledge to your use.

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Land Investment Consulting

Land investment consulting helps you to invest in the right locations with huge potentials. We help you to locate lands that will increase in price and value in near future. When it’s the right time to sell we also help you to sell it quickly.

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Real Estate Consulting for Companies

We help you to buy or rent real estate according to your companies needs. We know the properties of Kartal Istanbul area and we can help you to get good deals with the best terms.

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Real Estate Consulting for Buyers and Investors

Real estate consulting for buyers and investors helps you to minimize your risks when you acquire a property in Kartal, Istanbul. We track the development plans of the Municipality, we track the needs of the area and manage the negotiations accordingly. Thanks to our profound knowledge of the area we minimize your risk and increase your returns.

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Real Estate Brokerage

Join our team to work in and fast developing area with an experienced broker.

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